In pursuance of the objectives of setting the agenda for the management of global geospatial information to address key global challenges and providing a platform for the development of effective strategies on how to build and strengthen national capacity on geospatial information, the Committee of Experts has created several working groups and an Expert Group. These groups focus on progressing the work items and following up on decisions adopted at the annual session.


1. Subcommittee on Geodesy (formerly WG on Global Geodetic Reference Frame)

Expert Groups

1. Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information
2. Expert Group on Land Administration and Management

Working Groups

1. Working Group on Development of a Statement of Shared Principles for the Management of Geospatial Information
2. Working Group on Trends in National Institutional Arrangements in Geospatial Information Management
3. Working Group on Geospatial Information and Services for Disasters
4. Working Group on Global Fundamental Geospatial Data Themes
5. Working Group on Legal and Policy Frameworks for Geospatial Information Management
6. Working Group on Marine Geospatial Information

Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) - Working Group on Geospatial Information

Annual sessions


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