A. Technical Lead

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Clare Hadley, Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom


B. Governance

The Executive Committee of UN-GGIM: Europe acts as the steering group for this global Working Group. The United Kingdom has been appointed by the Executive Committee of UN-GGIM: Europe to lead UN-GGIM: WG Fundamental Data, and reports directly to UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee.


C. Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference have been drafted and approved by the UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee. The ToRs refer to the Working Group on Global Fundamental Geospatial Data Themes by the shortened title: UNGGIM: WG Fundamental Data.


D. Membership

Following a call by the UN-GGIM Secretariat after UN-GGIM 5 several Member States from all 5 regions expressed interest in being involved in the Working Group. All other UN-GGIM Regional bodies, Working Groups and Expert Groups participate in the Working Group.


E. Planned Activity of the Working Group

The Working Group shall:

  • Produce a recommendation for a minimum list of global fundamental geospatial data themes. Each data theme will be supported by a description and short guidelines.
  • Take account of existing activity being undertaken by UN-GGIM regional committees ensuring that where possible existing resources are used.
  • Consider the prioritisation of the data themes and how they link to other data needs within the UN-GGIM programme of work.
  • Consider the specific needs and vulnerabilities of small-island developing States.
  • Ensure that the data themes are technical in nature as not to raise political concerns.

F. Working Group Documents


G. Workshop Presentations


Annual sessions


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