The United Nations Statistics Division convened the first meeting of the United Nations Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information, from 30 October - 1 November 2013 in New York. This Expert Group, recently established in pursuance of Decision 44/101 taken by the UN Statistical Commission and Decision 3/107 taken by the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management, is composed of representatives of both statistical and geospatial communities. It aims to carry the work on developing a statistical spatial framework as a global standard for the integration of statistical and geospatial information.

The purpose of the first meeting of the Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information was to further debate and finalize the proposed Terms of Reference and review a detailed work plan to be centered around the following topics: geospatially coding statistics, geographic data linking, common geographic classifications, metadata standards and interoperability, confidentiality and data access, etc.

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