Presentation Materils

1: Communication and coordination - UN - GGIM activities, meetings and interactions
2: Expert and Working Groups: Updates, issues and opportunities
  • IAEG-SDGs Working Group on Geospatial Information
  • EG: Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information
  • EG: Land Administration and Management
  • WG: Global Geodetic Reference Frame (Sub-Committee)
  • WG: Geospatial Information and Services for Disasters
  • WG: Trends in National Institutional Arrangements
  • WG: Fundamental Data Themes
3: Other Activities - Updates and Proposals
  • UN-GGIM Bureau representation at national/international meetings and conferences
  • UNGEGN relationship with UN-GGIM and back-to-back meetings in August 2017
4: UN-GGIM 2020 Strategic Plan and Roadmap

Annual sessions


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