The Committee of Experts, at its Thirteenth Session, welcomed the report of the High-level Group of the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (HLG-IGIF) and congratulated the High-level Group for its continued efforts to advance the role and relevance of the United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework through a significant range of activities, including broadening work group membership, developing guidance materials, translating the Framework suite of documents, and participating broadly in webinars, workshops, conferences and events to promote and advance the Framework.

The HLG-IGIF Strategic Plan has six strategic goals. In 2021, the group prioritized three goals for immediate action: Improve Communications, Strengthen Capacity Development, and Mobilize Sustainable Funding. At its First Plenary Meeting April 26-28, 2022, the HLG-IGIF approved a Plan of Work for the prioritized goals and created three work groups to begin advancing the work. Since then, the HLG-IGIF has made significant progress against the three prioritized goals. The HLG-IGIF is implementing its Strategic Plan and Plan of Work to provide the strategic leadership, promotion, coordination, planning and oversight to successfully sustain the uptake and implementation of the UN-IGIF globally. The UN-IGIF now serves as a key umbrella framework for many of the activities under the UN-GGIM program of work, including its regional committees, thematic groups, and functional groups, playing a pivotal role in strengthening nationally integrated geospatial information management, guiding transformational change, and advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in all countries.

This Third Plenary Meeting will allow HLG-IGIF together with the Expanded Bureau of UN-GGIM and invited participants to engage, interact, review progress, address implementation challenges at the country-level, and consider the remaining three goals and the work group structure needed to successfully move forward. The HLG-IGIF will also consider the progress, challenges, and support needs of the work groups, regional committees, and Member States advancing the UN-IGIF and identify key areas to prioritize as the HLG-IGIF moves forward to incorporate the remaining three strategic goals into its Plan of Work and work group structure for 2024.

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