The First Expert Group Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs Working Group on Geospatial Information was hosted by Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) at its premises in Ciudad de México. It was attended by 30 participants that included invited international and national experts and a couple of observers. The Meeting was officially opened by the President of INEGI, Dr. Julio Santaella Castella, who noted the immense value of the integration of statistics and geography to produce sound, rigorous, timely and effective ways of monitoring the SDGs, and welcomed the formation of the Working Group. Mr. Enrique Ordaz, Co-Chair of the IAEG-SDGs, gave the keynote presentation and provided a status report of the global indicator framework, particularly in relation to the outcomes and decisions at the recently concluded 4th meeting of the IAEG-SDGs. This first substantive technical meeting in Mexico City from 12-14 December 2016 focused and worked to identify, prioritize and begin to develop the "how" to address identified geospatial information contributions, issues and gaps to the global indicator framework and the SDGs. The Working Group agreed to the formation of six task teams to further advance the task before the Working Group.

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