Photo Attribution: "Nairobi skyline" by Babak Fakhamzadeh - Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The first formal meeting of the UN-GGIM: Africa convened in Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 November 2015. The meeting was organized by the Secretariat of the Regional Committee of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) for Africa, within the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. The meeting was held in the Headquarters of the Regional Centre for Monitoring Resources for Development (RCMRD), in Nairobi, Kenya.. Following the preparatory meeting that took place in Tunis, Tunisia, 10-12 December 2014, the meeting was the first formal meeting after the adoption of the UN-GGIM decision 5/112 in August 2015, which endorsed the establishment of the regional committee, UN-GGIM: Africa. The objective of this first formal meeting wais to adopt the rules of procedure for the Committee and its organizational structure with the election of its Bureau, and to finalize the establishment of the working groups and an action plan in a form of check-list of desirable actions for high-level decision-makers so as to steer the future development of the UN-GGIM in Africa.

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