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On 6 May 2014, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, under the auspices of the Permanent Missions of Australia, France, Jamaica and Norway, members of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame Working Group delivered a group presentation on geospatial information technologies and the importance of the global geodetic reference frame, to a gathering of United Nations Mission representatives.

The briefing session sought to improve awareness of the growing importance of the global geodetic reference frame (GGRF) particularly for economic growth strategies, policy-making, and national, regional and global development efforts.

This briefing was done in addition to “in country” briefings which required geodetic experts to establish contact with very senior dignitaries within their respective governments and explain the value proposition of the GGRF, the current issue, why change is needed, and what is to be achieved.

The briefing was very successful, with a series of direct and insightful questions being directed to Working Group members afterwards. The most poignant question was “what is the impact on our country”.


  • Mr. Gary Johnston (Moderator), Geoscience Australia, Australia
  • Ms. Anne Joergensen, Norwegian Mapping Authority, Geodetic Institute, Norway
  • Dr. Zuheir Altamimi, National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information, France
  • Mr. Milton Saunders, National Land Agency, Jamaica


  • Briefing on the Importance of Geospatial Information Technologies
  • Supporting Material

  • Concept Note and Invitation Flyer
  • Technical leaflet-The Global Geodetic Reference Frame
  • Annual sessions


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