Ministerial Dialogue: Towards a More Sustainable World for All

The Ministerial Dialogue will connect geospatial information to national development leadership, as invited Ministers from all corners of the world discuss the policy relevance, challenges, and role of geospatial technology and innovation in providing national implementations for measuring and monitoring the SDGs and ensuring economic development and social prosperity.

The discussion will be anchored by the SDGs, but in conjunction with the new Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) which was adopted by the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) at its Eighth Session in August 2018. The IGIF has met with global approval as the geospatial implementation mechanism for countries towards implementing the SDGs. A copy of the IGIF will be provided to Ministers and senior officials. The IGIF was written for "decision-makers" and this would be a means to both test the Framework and launch it for the global community. The IGIF is intended to give greater understanding to Ministers on the role geospatial information plays in delivering national objectives that are country owned and country led.

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