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UNSD, in collaboration with the UN Cartographic Section, organized the Second Preparatory Meeting of the Proposed United Nations Committee on Global Geographic Information Management.

The purpose of the Meeting was to discuss and initiate the preparation of a report, for the approval of ECOSOC, on global coordination of geospatial information management, including the consideration of a possible creation of a United Nations global forum for the exchange of information among countries and other interested parties, and particularly for sharing best practices in legal and policy instruments, institutional management models, technical solutions and standards, interoperability of systems and data, and sharing mechanisms that guarantee that geospatial information and services are easily and timely accessible. The Meeting brought together official representatives from member countries as well as representatives from relevant professional organizations. Participants discussed the terms of reference and the modalities of work for the global forum and the Committee of Experts.

Documentation for the Meeting

Papers and Presentations

  • Reflections about a global forum for Geographic Information (GI) management
    • Prepared by Mauro Salvemini, President of EUROGI
  • Data Integration and Interoperability of Systems and Data
    • Prepared by Abbas Rajabifard, President of GSDI Association
  • Technical solutions and standards: How ISO can support a forum for global geographic information management
    • Prepared by Olaf Østensen, Chair of ISO/TC 211
  • Data Integration
    • Prepared by Luiz Paulo Fortes, Director of Geoscience, IBGE, Brazil
  • Global Geographic Information Management: Some Institutional and Data Sharing Issues in Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Data
    • Prepared by D. R. Fraser Taylor, President of ISCGM
  • Capacity Building and Technology Transfer for Global Geographical Information Management
    • Prepared by Claude B. Tapsoba, Directeur Général Institut Géographique du Burkina
  • Comments on the critical issues in Global Geographical Information Management listed in the provisional agenda item 3
    • Prepared by Greg Scott, Group Leader, National Mapping & Information Group, Australia
    • Prepared by Hiroshi Murakami, Deputy Director, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
    • Prepared by Yoshikazu Fukushima, Secretary General of ISCGM
    • Prepared by Kyoung-Soo Kim, President, National Geographic Information Institute Republic of Korea
    • Prepared by Louis Hecht, Jr. Executive Director, Global Business Development, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • GGIM Terms of Reference (TOR) - (Draft)
  • Note on TOR of the Committee of Experts on Global Geographic Information Management (GGIM)
    • Prepared by Hiroshi Murakami, Deputy Director, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

Notes for Information

  • Inventory of United Nations Resolutions on Cartography Coordination, Geographic Information and SDI
    • Prepared by UNSD in collaboration with CS/DFS
  • Brief Summary on Global Map
    • Prepared by Secretariat of ISCGM
  • Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) Profile
    • Prepared by Abbas Rajabifard, GSDI Association President
    • Prepared by Alessandro ANNONI, Head of Spatial Data Infrastructures Unit Institute of Environment and Sustainability Joint Research Centre - European Commission
  • Information paper on IHO
    • Prepared by the International Hydrographic Organization
  • UNGEGN overview
    • Prepared by Helen Kerfoot, Chair, UNGEGN, Emeritus Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
  • The National System for Coordination of Territorial Information (SNIT)
    • Prepared by Cristián Aqueveque Iglesias, Executive-Secretary, National System of Coordination of Territorial Information
  • Global Geographic Information Management and the Response to Climate Change and the Millennium Development Goals
    • Prepared by Prof. Stig Enemark, FIG President, Aalborg University, Denmark

Related Article

  • UN Experts on GI Management
    • Prepared by Stig Enemark, President, FIG

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