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Working Group on Trends in National Institutional Arrangements in Geospatial Information Management

A. Chair

Mr. Antonio Arozarena, Spain
Email: aarozarena@fomento.es
Tel: (+34) 915979575

Mr. Antonio Arozarena
Email: aarozarena@fomento.es

Mr. Xalo Fernández
Email: xfernandez@fomento.es

Mr. Carlos Agustín Guerrero Élemen
Email: carlos.elemen@inegi.org.mx

Mr. Luis Gerardo Esparza Ríos
Email: gerardo.esparza@inegi.org.mx

Mr. Ng Siau Yong
Email: ng_siau_yong@sla.gov.sg

Mr. Lim Liyang
Email: LIM_LIYANG@sla.gov.sg

B. Objectives

    The overall objective of the UNGGIM Working Group on National Institutional Arrangements (UN-GGIM Working Group on NIA) is the identification of best practices, sets of institutional models and legal frameworks for national geospatial information management and interoperability between different systems and institutions responsible for its management, while ensuring uniformity and standardization. The institutional models should provide Governments with options on how best to create national geospatial entities.

C. Terms of Reference

D. Work Program

E. Documents

F. Meetings

  • Working Group Meeting during the 4th Session of the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management, New York, 7 August 2014