Opening Statements

Report of the Session ‐ E/2016/46-E/C.20/2016/15

  • Documentation for the Session – E/C.20/2016/INF/1
  • List of participants – E/C.20/2016/INF/2
  • Provisional Annotated Agenda – E/C.20/2016/1
  • Organization of Work – E/C.20/2016/1/Add.1
  • Rules of Procedure – E/C.20/2016/2
  • Contribution of regional committees and thematic groups to the global geospatial information agenda – E/C.20/2016/3
  • Global geodetic reference frame – E/C.20/2016/4
  • Determination of global fundamental geospatial data themes – E/C.20/2016/5
  • Trends in national institutional arrangements in global geospatial information management – E/C.20/2016/6
  • Legal and policy frameworks, including issues related to authoritative data – E/C.20/2016/7
  • Implementation and adoption of standards for the global geospatial information community – E/C.20/2016/8
  • Integration of geospatial, statistical and other related information – E/C.20/2016/9
  • Application of geospatial information related to land administration and management – E/C.20/2016/10
  • Activities related to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – E/C.20/2016/11
  • Geospatial information and services for disasters – E/C.20/2016/12
  • Knowledge base for geospatial information management – E/C.20/2016/13
  • Review of United Nations activities in geospatial information management – E/C.20/2016/14
  • Annual sessions


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