Workshop on the standardization of geographical names

04-08-2008  – 08-08-2008 Ouagadougou

A workshop on the standardization of geographical names will be held jointly organized by the African Organization of Cartography and Remote Sensing (AOCRS) and the Institut Géographique du Burkina Faso and co-organized by the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names and UNSD.  The following units will be included:• Problems of toponymic administration in Africa;• Definitions and advantages of geographical names standardization; • Functions of geographical names and the process of naming places; • National geographical names authorities; • Terminology; • Problems in standardization; • Office treatment of names; • Problems of street naming; • Policies, procedures and guidelines; • Fieldwork; • Methodology, preparation; • Practical exercise of gathering toponyms in the field; • Examining the results; • Toponymic databases and gazetteers; • Aspects of international standardization and the involvement of the United Nations.


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