Photo Attribution: " Chengdu, China" by Vinay Deep Arcot - Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

More than 180 experts from 40 countries attended the Chengdu Forum on United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management in Chengdu, China from 15-17 October 2013. Convened by the Secretariat of the United Nations initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) and the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASG) of China, and with the theme Development and Applications in Urban Hazard Mapping, participants met to share experiences and methodologies in the production, management, analysis, modeling and dissemination capacity of hazard related geospatial information. The Forum concluded that geospatial information has a vital role to play in all phases of hazard and disaster risk management and reduction, and it extends the ability for nations to not only map their geography and topography, but also those areas that are vulnerable to natural hazards, particularly in urban environments.

List of Documents

Opening Ceremony

National Address

Keynote Address

Presentation Materials

  • Summary, Outcomes and Actions
  • Conclusions
  • Moderator: Dr Vanessa Lawrence, Co-Chair, UN-GGIM
  • Panel Discussion:
    • Dr. Li Pengde
    • Mr. James McConnell
    • Prof. Victor Jetten
    • Mr. Tevita Boseiwaqa
    • Dr. Jane Sexton
    • Mr. Chris Chiesa

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