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The United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management for Europe (UN-GGIM: Europe) was formally established on 1st October 2014 at a meeting in Chisinau Moldova, in pursuance of the UN-GGIM decision 4/111, adopted at its 4th Session in New York, 6-8 August 2014, which “endorsed the establishment of the Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Europe”. This new body was created after two years of preparatory work beginning in November 2012 with an inaugural phase. The process transitioned at the 3rd session of the Committee of Experts on GGIM in 2013, with increased and active involvement of European Member States, the creation of its governance structure and the preparation of a draft work plan. The process culminated on 1st October in Chisinau with the meeting of 110 delegates, including representatives from 6 National Statistical Institutes and 43 NMCAs and the election of the Executive Body. UN-GGIM: Europe is now chaired by Bengt Kjellson of Sweden, supported by two vice chairs, Dorine Burmanje from the Netherlands, and Antonio Arozarena from Spain, in addition to a 10 member executive committee. The Netherlands has responsibility for providing secretariat services to UN-GGIM: Europe and EuroGeographics will carry out the work under a service level agreement. Their website is