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The United Nations Statistical Commission agreed that a programme review be conducted to understand the current geospatial activities of national statistical offices; the demands on national statistical offices for location-based information; what activities might be undertaken both nationally and internationally to enhance the integration of statistical and geospatial information; and the need for developing a statistical geospatial framework in national statistical systems. The Australian Bureau of Statistics was tasked to carry out this programme review in 2012, and to conduct a survey on the status of the integration of statistical and geospatial information within National Statistical Offices (NSO) globally. In total, 53 countries participated in the survey and the responses provided a wealth of information to the programme review which was presented for discussion to the forty-fourth session of the Statistical Commission, held in February 2013. In terms of the number of responses from the various regions, Europe has provided (24) responses, followed by Asia and the Pacific (13), Africa (9), and by the Americas (8). See results in the report E/CN.20/2013/4/2 presented to the 44th session of UN Statistical Commission.