Part 3 : Country-level Action Plan (CAP) is specific to each country and details 'how' the guidance, options, and actions recommended in the Implementation Guide will be carried out, when and by whom. This Part contains the processes, resource materials, templates and examples that are available and helpful to first develop a national action plan, and then operationalize the IGIF through its subsequent implementation, very importantly aligned with national priorities and cognizant of national circumstances.

Countries operationalize the IGIF with their own CAPs that align with their countries' priorities and circumstances. A CAP addresses each of the nine strategic pathways while considering the strategic and operational needs of a country when operationalizing the IGIF. Importantly, the CAP is a plan, not a program that is implemented. Each CAP is unique to a country, as it determines where they currently are in their capacity and capabilities, and reflects decisions made to advance and/or enhance national geospatial capabilities within that country, and where they want to be after planning for their integrated geospatial information management.

Preparing and developing a country-level Action Plan

To prepare and develop a country-level Action Plan tailored to national circumstances and priorities, an approach is needed that references the specific guidance, options and recommended actions provided in Part 2: Implementation Guide and addresses each of the nine strategic pathways.

The United Nations through a Development Account Project (Project 1819D) conceptualized, developed and piloted an approach towards preparing and developing a country-level Action Plan. The approach and related tasks are designed to consider national circumstances by recognizing that one size does not fit all. Importantly, the approach allows countries to assess and analyze, discover and learn their national circumstances, before designing and developing their action plans.

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