The Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) provides a basis and guide for developing, integrating, strengthening and maximizing geospatial information management and related resources in all countries. It will assist countries in bridging the geospatial digital divide, secure socio-economic prosperity, and to leave no one behind

Global Consultation

The Committee of Experts, at its ninth session in August 2019 welcomed the development and refinement of the Implementation Guide in preparation for subsequent and broader global consultations with Member States and other key stakeholders. The draft Implementation Guide was developed over the past year, extensively consulted with over 100 countries, and will soon be ready to undergo the broader global consultations. The Committee of Experts and other key relevant stakeholders will be invited to review and comment on the draft Implementation Guide when the consultations are announced.

Part 2: Implementation Guide

When the global consultation is initiated, please download the component document or chapters of the Implementation Guide and we would be grateful if you could provide your comments and feedback, preferably directly on the downloaded document using the 'comment' tool, to Ms. Vilma Frani frani@un.org

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